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Out of all the slots games available at Rival Gaming Casinos, most people will agree that their favorite ones are the i-slots.

What is an i-slot? An i-slot is literally defined as an interactive slot. This means that there was a lot more time and effort put into making slots players feel as if they are doing more than clicking on the 'spin' button and seeing where the slot algorithm lands them.

In every i-slot you will find a story line. The more you play the slot and get the correct combinations of characters, the more you will see of the story!

Let's take a look at the i-slots....

"Reel Crime: Bank Heist" has to be our favorite i-slot! It has something to work toward to on every level and it is easy to understand because what is going on or what you are looking for is stated at the top of the game. You're the robber in this one and you get to take all the money home! So tell the goons to get their acts together and make this game your favorite or it will be curtains for you and not pretty flowery ones like Ma has in her kitchen....

Paradise 8 Casino

Finally, a game for the golf lover that doesn't completely annoy us! This one has some funny characters and a really good bonus round. We aren't that great at getting the hole in one, but we imagine that if you are a true golf lover, instead of an amateur like we are, you will win every time at Rival Gaming's "Hole in One"!

Are you feeling like you need a vacation from the other boring slots? Well you need to sail away with "Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise"! Take an exotic vacation from the comfort of your own home. Where will the seven seas take you? Greece? The Caribbean? What about Alaska? The ship has many fun activities for you to play and win great prizes from! Climb aboard before it sails into the sunset without you....

We really like our Rival Gaming "Reel Crime" i-slots! This one is certain to paint you a pretty picture or two! Join the infamous French art thieves as they try to get away in "Reel Crime: Art Heist". But there will be no forgery when it comes to the winnings you will amass when you play this i-slot!

Last, but not least, they have the "As the Reels Turn" series. What is life without a bit of drama? Get to know these crazy and dangerous characters as you make your way through this multi-level slot game. Watch the lies and betrayals unfold as you fill your bank account with a lot of money, but don't trust anyone in this game of social intrigue and pettiness. You'll be glad that you didn't! Go there now.

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